Custom Eagle Scout Face Masks

I love making custom sewing and embroidery projects, but on Etsy, it’s not always easy to communicate that. However, this week I received a fabulous request from someone in Michigan about making Eagle Scout fabric face masks. My husband is an Eagle Scout and when the request came in, we looked at each other with a “why didn’t we think of that?”

So here’s the fabulous preview – cue the info-mercial!

The Eagle Scout logo was fabulously digitized by my favorite digitizer at Easy Creatives. Niki digitizes anything and her designs are beautiful for anything that needs svg or embroidery graphics files. Thank you, Niki for such beautiful work!

The embroidery is 2.5″ tall on navy blue cotton/poly ripstop fabric. The inner cotton fabric is white and like all our masks, there is a pocket to add filter devices if you want them.

This generation of masks also has an aluminum nose wire sewn into the upper seam to help conform the top to your face. I’ve been using mine quite a bit lately and despite a lot of adjustments, it remains strong.

The adjustable straps will be added before shipping, but thank you Michigan for the beautiful idea!

Congratulations to the Michigan Eagle Scouts on accomplishing a monumental undertaking! Welcome to the elite club of exemplary individuals and may your hard work, dedication, and service illuminate your path to success!