Ladies! This is the BEST concealed carry holster EVER!

As a woman, concealed carry can be challenging, but I recently discovered the ultimate way to carry in comfort and style with Can Can Concealment Classic Holster.

Image taken from Can Can Concealment online store.

Carrying a pistol in a purse is great, but what happens if someone steals the purse? Or the purse is not attached to your body when you need it? Or the zippers to get to the pistol fail at the moment you need it? Or it takes too long to draw?

Then there are holsters. Holsters need to attach to something. Pants. Belt. For curvy women this poses a challenge. Either the holster or the pistol digs into the curvy places and creates discomfort. And using the bathroom in public with a belted holster? Hm…how to make that happen without a bunch of clatter.

I also tried the concealment under arm tank sold by Well Armed Woman. (Great organization by the way!) While I like it for some purposes, the hard part is that (as a curvy woman) I rarely wears tanks without wearing something over it. Thus, when wearing it, one needs to consider how accessible the pistol is underneath whatever one wears.

And I’m lazy. If it ain’t simple and comfortable, forget about repeat usage. I managed fine with carrying in my purse, or sometimes using a holster or the tank. Until we went to the gun show.

I feel horrible for not getting the woman’s name, but she sold various packs, bags, ammo carriers, and Can Can Concealment holsters. Curious, we stopped and asked about them.

First, the woman was incredibly knowledgeable about firearms and firearm safety, ensuring that I could handle one and practice safety at the same time. (SAFETY FIRST!) Thanks to my husband’s vast knowledge, I was educated by a military-trained warrior. Once she took me through the safety, she demonstrated the Can Can Concealment Classic holster.

You know those yoga pants you like to wear? Every woman has a pair. The ones that kind of firm things up without making you feel suffocated? The ones you wish could transform into the pants you need for any occasion? Well, that’s what this holster feels like. Snug, not restrictive, soft, sturdy, and stable. It feels nice to wear.

Then there’s the versatility. As a proud Sig P938 carrier, I can place my pistol in multiple compartments on the holster depending on what’s comfortable and accessible. Since there are so many compartments, I can easily add my little flat wallet, my phone, and extra magazines without the holster feeling bulky. All pockets in the holster use elastic and magnets to keep items secure.

It sits low on the waist and surprisingly, even after everything is in the holster, I can still button my jeans. Sitting, bending over, any movement whatsoever does not changes the comfort level. It doesn’t move, nor do the holstered items poke or prod things they are not supposed to. And using a public restroom is no longer a juggling holster event.

When we got home from the show, I had to test some of what the woman had claimed about the holster. Yes, you can wear it, loaded with your pistol, under yoga pants, sweats, a skirt…anything. It is comfortable enough to lounge in.

The best part about these holsters is that they are made in the U.S.A. by Darlene Cary, a seamstress and costume designer who designed and creates them. (WOOHOO for small business!)

My thanks goes out to Ms. Cary and to the fabulous woman at the Marinette gun show who introduced me to this phenomenal holster. As soon as I find out who she is, I will post a link to her store. However, I am forever grateful to them for my new favorite way to carry.