What’s with the name?

Revive & Shine, LLC, was created when I moved into private practice as a therapist. Much of mental health focuses on identifying problems and fixing them, but to me, that felt negative. My style fell into the category of strengths-based, positive psychology. When it came time to pick a name which says something about a therapist's philosophy, I wanted mine to say I was about helping people reach for solutions. Whether or not someone came looking for Christian counseling, I wanted clients to know that the goal of therapy was to revive from brokenness so they could shine again.

I believe that God does the healing and my role is facilitator. For some, that meant God was part of therapy, while for others, He was there from my perspective, working behind the scenes. Two Bible verses guided my practice.

Arise! Shine! For your light has come, and the glory of the Lord shines upon you. Isaiah 60:1

This was and is a call, an invitation for people to come out of the darkness in which they find themselves, and to feel God's mercy and grace. When people struggle with mental health issues, relationship problems, addiction, trauma, whatever brings them to therapy, those darknesses feel overwhelming and all-consuming.  As a therapist, my goal was to guide people from darkness to light. Which leads me to the second verse.

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it. John 1:5

While darkness gives the impression that it is all-powerful, pervasive, and invincible the light is always there. Jesus is always there to reach for in the darkness. In this world, it often feels like the dark is louder, stronger, and mightier, but it's not. Even when it is hard to see when we focus on the light, it gets stronger and we feel it. I worked with clients from all different backgrounds, some who were not interested in a Christian perspective in therapy. They understood my worldview, and I understood and respected theirs. However, everyone has a light inside them, whether they recognize the light as Jesus or their own strength, my goal in counseling was to help people find and cling to the light in their lives to strengthen it. Some recognized God while exploring the light, others did not and that was ok.

Although I am not a therapist anymore, I use these same philosophies to guide my writing. God has done amazing things in my life, not all of them pleasant. But I learned that even when the darkness made me feel surrounded, He was always there. And because He has done a great work in me, I will share that amazingness. In the sharing, perhaps others will see Him as I've learned to see Him.

I pray the words I share show Jesus as the Light, because He is the Light that sustains me, and I pray people see more light than darkness.